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Model Power Handcrafted Airplane Models

30 years of tradition

About Us

MODEL POWER Petr Žák was founded in 1992. We are specialized in the production of model aircrafts.

Because of the increasing demand for our models we didn’t only need more employees and more recent technologies, but also a bigger building. Therefore, in 2000, a new factory hall with a production area of 1000m² came up.

Until today we produce more than 40 different models in several styles not only for our own customers, but also for other well-known companies. Of course we deliver all components and offer service for our models.

The fuselage is typically built up as GFK-herex-sandwich, wings, rudder and elevator as a styrofoam-balsa construction – with several layers of GFK and CFK bands beneath the balsa in the area of the wing tube.

By producing all components by ourselves, we’re able to fulfill all individual requests.

We’re looking forward to your visit.

Double champion

We are very happy and proud that Gernot Bruckmann flew and won the Freestyle with our new Slick X360 - Congrats!!!

Worldwide Sales

We flight in 36 countries